Rabu, 14 Januari 2015

Harga Samsung Galaxy S3

Harga Samsung Galaxy S3 Owner brand luxury watches, Montblanc does not seem to want to just be a spectator attendance smartwatch product.

Therefore, the company announced its participation in the digital business that is booming these wearable. Referred to as e-Strap, smartwatch that perhaps this is not your previous guess. http://hargahpsamsunggalaxy.info/harga-samsung-galaxy-s3/
Montblanc, famously known as a manufacturer of luxury watches and expensive pens.

The German company has its own tricks to enliven the market wearable, with through an accessory to a conventional watch. e-Strap is a digital accessories that will make a traditional watch digital functions like smartwatch.

e-Strap form leather strap watches from Italy. In this rope fixed to 0.9-inch touchscreen OLED monochrome display with a size of 128 × 36 pixels.

This product is not as smartwatch that puts the screen at the top, e-Strap it on the back.

You will be able to see the time on the top side of the wrist through your watch and touchscreen e-Strap on the wrist of the arm down (or vice versa).

Just as a smartwatch, e-Strap also has the function of push notifications from your phone, and of course the tracker function, namely to record your exercise activity.

Harga Samsung Galaxy S3 Other features in the e-Strap is a remote control. You can use it to trigger the shutter in the camera as smartphones, can also control the music you play on a smartphone.

Another function is Find-Me which will connect smartphones and e-Strap within no more than 30 meters.

Interestingly enough, for charging the battery, e-Strap can be worn for up to 5 days. In terms of price, this product will reportedly sell for 250 euros. Harga Samsung Galaxy S3

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